Have You Heard of Lymphatic Drainage?

Male Therapist Doing Massage
What Kind of Massage Is It? 
What Else Can Lymphatic Drainage Help With?
  • Fibromyalgia 
  • Stress
  • Reduce edema 
  • Improve circulation 
  • Increase the flow and movement of fluid and lymph in the body.
  • Body cleansing: that’s right like a detox. Because it increases the flow of fluid in the body, that means it increases ALL the fluid in your body which means it also needs to leave your body too! 
  • Improves your quality of sleep 
Does Lymphatic Drainage Have Any Side Effects?
  • Increasing use of the toilet. Because it can act as a detox to the body you may have an increased need to use the bathroom for a day or two. 
  • You get tired. You may even like to have a few naps the next day or sleep longer than usual! This is a normal side effect which may also last a day or two. So, make sure you get that extra rest needed. 
When Is It Not A Good Idea To Have Lymphatic Drainage?
  • If you are having any feeling of a cold coming on or your immune system is feeling compromised by a virus it may speed up the symptoms and make you feel lethargic. 
  • Undiagnosed cancer
  • Any active blood clots 
  • Acute kidney problems 
  • Acute heart problems