My Therapist Advised Me To ‘Move More’ What Does That Mean?

Male Therapist Doing Massage
Some Easy Ways To Start Moving Are…
  • Take a few minutes in the morning to simply sit on the side of your bed and point and flex your toes up and down, then circle your ankles. Stand and twist from side to side, free flowing style, in your waist several times. Reach up to the ceiling, bend forward toward your toes, reach overhead and stretch the sides of your body.
  • Incorporate any stretches or movements suggested by your therapist into your day. This should not be a stressful thing to add to your routine and should be designed to be achieved easily.
  • Start walking. If you are time poor consider using your lunch break to get outside, park further from the office or shops, do walking meetings, listen to pod casts or your favourite music to keep it fresh.
  • When you receive treatment at CBR Massage the therapist is working with you to improve movement patterns and create space through your joints so it is helpful if you can maintain this between appointments and you will reap the benefits.
  • Find a friend to share this with. It makes it more enjoyable and holds you accountable.